An Influential Pedigree from the early 1970s

One method for ranking the effect of specific dogs on a breed is to determine the number of champions they produced. At the top of the list for many of the years that BFCA has maintained records are two dogs and two bitches that stay at or near the top of the list even today. These four had a great impact on the Bichon Frise as we know it; they produced champions and their descendants also have produced champions. One or all of them can be found in pedigrees around the world, indicating even more their influence on our breed. Their photographs and pedigrees are placed here as a part of the history of the breed in the United States. It is noteworthy that they are related to each other and that their siblings also produced champions.

We present photos and pedigrees of these Top Sires, Ch. Chaminade Mr. Beau Monde (sire of 65 champions) and Ch. Vogelflight’s Music Man (sire of 47 champions). The top dams are Ch. Beau Monde the Firecracker (dam of 17 champions) and Ch. C & D’s Countess Becky (dam of 16 champions). Mr. Beau Monde sired Music Man. Becky is Firecracker’s granddam and her littermate (Ch. C & D’s Count Kristopher) is Firecracker’s sire; Mr. Beau Monde is her maternal grandsire. This is truly a “family affair” with outstanding results.


Ch. Chaminade
Mr. Beau Monde
Ch. Vogelflight’s
Music Man
Ch. Beau Monde the Firecracker Ch. C & D’s Countess Becky
Mr Beau Monde MusicMan Firecracker Countess Becky