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As JEC for the Bichon Club of America , I feel that sharing the essence of the breed makes it so much easier for new judges to understand what makes a Bichon Frise.

At our National Specialty, we provide: Ringside Mentoring for every class, every day and we also have a seminar and a hands on..

We have ringside mentors around the country so please feel free to ask one of them for some assistance.

If you should have any questions or want a virtual kennel visit please contact me.

I also believe the webinar I did for the AKC is now on line.

I will also be doing seminars around the country this year. As things open up and plans are finalized, this information will be posted.

Again if you should need further information please contact me.

Mimi Winkler
Judges Education Chairperson

Bichon Frises Mentors

First Name Last Name City State Phone Email
Roz Allen Meadow CA 530-878-4502 lorebichon@icloud.com
Betty Ribble San Diego CA 858-484-5240 n2dogs@pacbell.com
Rick Day Old Town FL 770-466-4612 risgaebichon@aol.com
Donna Jones Oxford GA 770-784-9840 Bichons@belllsouth.net
Paul Flores Missillon OH 916-847-9065 Stirlingbichons@gmail.com
Toby Frish Lake Grove NY 631-467-7510 tobyf@verizon.net
Mimi Winkler Somers NY 914-617-9414 iamjudgeschoice@aol.com
Judy McNamara Edmond OK 405-348-8199 kingscross@sbcglobal.net
Joanne Rubin Mosier OR 916-716-9549 glorybbichons@aol.com
Matt Abbott Murrysville PA 412-719-1822 barbarrybichons@comcast.net
Paula Abbott Murrysville PA 412-719-0682 kimmis310@comcast.net
Kayley Kovar Weimar TX 979-732-2787 fouroaks@puppyclub.org
Shannon Tupes Vinton VA 540-520-5250 relevetx@yahoo.com
Kathie Vogel Virginia Beach VA 757-427-6610 Vogelflight@cox.net
Sheri Kennedy Snohomish WA 206-799-8546 sheri@absolutelybichons.com