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BFCA Booklets

Your BF Booklet

“Your Bichon Frise”

33 pages of excellent information including the official Breed standard. Mailed post paid. $6.00 single copy. $17.50 for 5 copies. $35.00 for 10 copies. $150 for 50 copies.  Available from the Bichon Boutique.  To order send check (US funds only) and order form.

BF Standard Booklet

“Illustrated Discussion of the Bichon Frise Standard”

An in depth study of the Bichon Frise Standard for serious exhibitors or judges. Available for $10 from the Bichon Boutique.  To order send check (US funds only) and order form:


Books from

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BF Reporter

“The Bichon Frise Reporter”

Jean Fergus, Editor
Quarterly Magazine
To subscribe contact: The Bichon Frise Reporter
P.O. Box 6369, Department CP, Los Osos, California 93412 USA
Telephone: (805) 528-2007
Subscription Rate, One Year
USA – Regular class $45.00
Canada/Mexico – Regular class $50.00
Overseas Regular mail $72.00
Air mail $105.00

Subscribe to The Bichon Frise Reporter, a magazine devoted to the Bichon Frise.  The Bichon Frise Reporter is a privately published magazine devoted to the Bichon Frise.  BFCA, Inc. provides this hyperlink to the magazine for the convenience of Bichon owners.  In return, the magazine will make a donation to the BFCA Health Research Fund for each subscription obtained through this connection.

The beautiful breed magazine that has breathtaking color covers. Big 8.5″ by 11″, quarterly magazine, with articles by award-winning writers on care, showing, breeding, obedience, medical and general information for all Bichon lovers.

Gazette Magazine

“Pure-Bred Dogs / American Kennel Club Gazette”

Click here for current and archive copies of AKC E-Magazine
American Kennel Club
51 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Pamphlets Available from the American Kennel Club

“AKC Policies and Guidelines for Registration Matters”

“Obedience Regulations”

“Rules Applying to Registration and Dog Clubs”

“Dog Record Book” — for your personal use of record keeping — A MUST!!!

“Should I Breed my Dog?”