Updated Airport Transportation – 3/22/19


As some of you have found out, Mears Transportation Service listed in the Premium List and in the Information Packet, was not quite truthful with us and we are informed now, that they no longer transport from the Airport to our Hotel! We have done a lot of research for other options and here is what we have found.
Taxi’s – Getting a taxi from the airport seems to be running approximately $50.00 to a bit above for a one-way trip! If you do not have a lot of luggage, dogs etc, and can find someone coming in around the same time sharing a cab might be the way to go.
Super Shuttle – They have sent us a link for a bit of a discount, but not much of one. You can probably go on line and find 10% coupons that will save you a bit more. They are offering a “Business Meet & Greet” car rate of $117.00 round trip. They say the vehicle can take up to 6 people. This would be nonstop ride to the hotel. We have tried to explain dog crates, grooming equipment etc. Not sure they are totally clear on all of that, so if you choose to make this
choice, please let them know how much “luggage” you will need room for. Again, if you can find someone coming in and going out at similar times you can share the expense.
Here is the link to Super Shuttle https://group.supershuttle.com/group-page/the-bichonfrise-club-of-america-2019/

I went on line and they also have a regular shuttle service you can take for about $65.00 round trip, but it may make other stops along the way to the hotel. But if it’s just you and your luggage, might be worth it. If you want to try this option, go to their website www.supershuttle.com and start from the beginning.
Possibly use Facebook to connect with other flying in to ride share to save money.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, and we have done everything in our power to give you new options. Thanks for understanding that sometimes things just happen!
We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando where the sun is always shining, and we will have fantastic Specialty and a Magical time!