About Bichons

From all corners of the USA (in fact the globe), whether a 1st time owner or a repeat owner, when asked what people like about a pure-bred Bichon, the following attributes are consistently mentioned over and over:

  • Great Companion Animal
  • Good with kids; great family companion
  • Great temperament
  • Non-shedding dog
  • Hypo-allergenic lots of people with allergies can live comfortably with a Bichon
  • Loving, full of personality, loyal
  • Big dog personality in small dog body
  • Friendly; affectionate
  • Beautiful appearance; cute, adorable; fluffy, white coat
  • Gentle, sweet breed
  • Small size, but not too small and not yippie
  • Smart; easily socialized
  • Great therapy dog
  • Fun, agile, athletic, great agility dog
  • Happy personality