Clubs & Contacts

The Bichon Frise Club of America (‘BFCA’) is an AKC-approved Parent Club (also called the National Specialty Club) for pure bred Bichons. AKC approves only 1 Parent Club for each breed. BFCA’s membership is compromised of Bichon enthusiasts from across the USA as well as member enthusiasts across the globe. Every member is required to sign and uphold BFCA’s Code of Ethics.

BFCA serves the interest of the pure-bred Bichon on a National level.

BFCA operates under their AKC-approved Constitution and By-Laws. BFCA Board of Directors is elected by the voting membership and conducts the general business of the Club. BFCA holds 1 Annual National Specialty show for conformation as well as Obedience & Rally events. The Club also supports/participates in Bichon specific educational opportunities for our members as well as the general public.

BFCA supports our active Health Committee and also supports our Bichon Rescue organization.

Under the umbrella of the Parent Club are AKC-approved, local pure-bred Bichon Specialty clubs. These clubs serve the interests of the pure-bred Bichon on a local level. These clubs hold conformation shows and/or performance events for pure-bred Bichons. Each local club has officers responsible for the general business of their local club.

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