A Bichon entered in Conformation competition is judged based on the AKC-approved and Parent Club approved Breed Standard.

A Specialty show for Conformation begins with the various class competitions for Bichons that have not yet attained their AKC Championship. The judge examines each dog presented in the ring against this approved Breed Standard. The bichon which the judge determines is closest to the breed standard compared against the other bichons in the ring at the same time is awarded the winner of that class competition. The male dogs and female dogs in each class are judged separately at first. The winner of each of the male dog classes are brought back into the show ring and the judge selects the best male bichon from the classes ‘ Winners Dog. The same thing happens for females to determine the best female from the classes’ Winners Bitch.

The Winners Dog and Winners Bitch move forward to compete for Best In Specialty Show along with all the Champion Dogs and Champion Bitches.