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BFCA Three Designated Specialties
Friday, December 2nd – Judge – John Booth
Saturday, December 3rd – Judge – Jon Cole
Sunday , December 4th – Judge – Lee Whittier

The Winter Wonderland Cluster begins on Tuesday 11/29 and goes through the following Monday 12/5, with no shows on Thursday.

BFCA Parent Club Specialty
Saturday Afternoon, December 3rd
Judge – Randy Garren

Show Superintendent – Foy Trent Dog Shows
if you would like a premium list sent to you, please contact Debbie Hollan or Mary Spruiell, and you will be added to the mailing list. Please let us know by Sept 1 if you want a premium list mailed to you, otherwise it will be online

🐾 Welcome Night Party! BFCA is hosting a casual welcome night party on Thursday Dec 1st, in the evening, with pizza, soft drinks, and local favorite, hot peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. This would be a BYOB (if you choose)
🐾 Shopping! Thursday (which is the off day) the buildings will be open to shop with all vendors open for relaxed shopping.
🐾 Fast CAT – will be offered for 6 days
🐾 Barn Hunt – will be available for 4 days during the week.
🐾 Grooming Seminar – Shannon Tupes will also be conducting a grooming seminar on coat maintenance and products on Thursday, Dec 2nd.

This is a huge facility and for something different, exhibitors can rent an RV by the day from one of three or four vendors who will take your RV to the fairgrounds and set it up for you so you can be on the grounds for the week. In addition, a list of hotels will be in the premium list.


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