47th National Specialty Show Health Committee



Please stop by the BFCA Health Committee table to obtain DNA collection kits, forms, and instructions.

  1. To register the DNA with AKC.
  2. To send DNA samples to the CHIC depository for future research.
  3. To collect DNA samples on litters for future research.

We can offer a $40/kit price to you for the DNA samples taken at your event. There is no minimum amount of collected samples.

Here are the instructions for submission:

  • All DNA Samples are to be collected at the event. The sample is collected on a bristle brush and instructions on sample collection are in each kit.
  •  To be eligible for the discounted price of $40 per dog, a representative mails the collected DNA samples to my attention in one package within 10 business days of the events closing.
  • Any samples that come directly from dog owners will be charged the regular $50 price.
  • Customers should make out their individual checks to the American Kennel Club or they can include their credit card information on the sample submission form enclosed in each kit.