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About the BFCA Health Committee

Articles appearing on here may have been previously published by a member of the Health Committee in one of the following places: www.bichon.org, BFCA Health Times (in the members only area) or The Bichon Frise Reporter, www.bichonfrisereporter.com a privately published magazine for Bichon owners.

Vickie Halstead RN, CVNS, CCRN, CEN, LNC
Primary Contact

Vickie has been actively involved in breeding and showing Bichons since 1990. She has been a member of BFCA since 1997 and has been chair of BFCA’s Health Committee from 2003 to 2010. Also, she is a member of Bichon Frise Club of Canada and has published articles in The Bichon Frise Reporter. Vickie has been practicing as a Registered Nurse since 1973, currently employed as a coagulation (INR) nurse ER nurse, and in the past experience in intensive care, a flight nurse, and an ER nurse for 25 years. She also operates a legal nurse consulting business involved in assisting attorneys with medical malpractice cases.

Nancy McDonald RN, BSN

Nancy McDonald acquired her first show-quality Bichon in 1982 and has been showing in conformation and obedience since that time as well as maintaining a limited breeding program. She was instrumental in establishing the Bichon Frise Club of Greater Houston in 1984, joined the BFCA in 1986 and was a charter member of the Bichon Frise Club of Dallas in 1987. In 2006 she became a member of the BFCA’s Health Committee. Nancy is a graduate of Indiana University School of Nursing. She has worked in medical/surgical nursing, was a volunteer with her community medical emergency service, taught first aid classes for the Girl Scouts of America, and retired in 2002 as a surgical assistant in a general surgery partnership.

Paula Hendricks RN, ,BSN, CSN

Paula Hendricks been involved with the Bichon Frise breed for about 21 years and a member of BFCA since 2007. She participates in conformation, agility, pet therapy and breeding. Breeding puppies is her favorite aspect of being in the sport of dogs. Paula has been a Special Education school nurse for 30+ years, working with severely mentally and physically challenged students aged 3 to 26 years old. Currently she is ‘semi-retired’ but still works with the school district. Paula is married and has 3 grown children and one wonderful granddaughter!

Mayno Blanding

Mayno has had purebred dogs all her life. She participated in Obedience with her Shetland Sheepdog as a teenager and began breeding and showing Bichons Frises in 2001. Although she studied nursing at University of Michigan, she ended up having a large family rather than working outside the home. She put her medical knowledge to use by volunteering as a lactation consultant and professional liaison between nursing mothers and the medical profession. Mayno has always had a passion for studying about health-related issues in dogs, and has a particular interest in breeding, pregnancy and lactation, and behavioral research. She became a member of the BFCA in 2004 and has kept busy serving wherever asked, including a couple years as treasurer. She also is a judge mentor for BFCA. Currently, Mayno is a member of the Bichon Frise Club of Puget Sound, is secretary of the Dog Fanciers Association or Oregon and is chief ring steward for one of the largest shows in the United States, the Rose City Cluster in Portland.

Amy Walters

Amy Walters is a co-owner of Prelude Bichons where she has been breeding and showing bichons frises with her mother, Janet Weiderhold for the last twelve years. She has been the breeder/owner/handler for fifteen bichons that have obtained their championship and two bichons that have obtained their grand championship. She is a Breeder of Merit. She has been a board member of the Keystone Bichon Frise Club for eleven years and has also held the position of Vice President for two consecutive terms. Amy has been chairperson of the Keystone Bichon Frise Club Sweepstakes and Specialty Show in conjunction with the Devon Dog Show Association all breed dog show since 2010.

Amy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and prior to starting Prelude Bichons with her mother, worked for eight years in the pharmaceutical industry. She researched a novel drug delivery approach for insulin with Elan Pharmaceuticals and was an Area Technical Manager with Colorcon where she assisted pharmaceutical companies across the east coast with the where she assisted pharmaceutical companies across the east coast with the application of color coatings to solid dosage medicines.

Amy lives in Hatfield, Pennsylvania with her husband, Mike and two children, Jonathan and Anna. In addition to her bichons, Amy also enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.